Infected with a virus? Running slow? Need an upgrade? Backing up data or transferring data? We can help.


Laptop running slow? Battery not lasting as long as it used to? Get it cleaned up or upgraded.


Get help setting up a new mobile device, configuring emails, and transferring old data.

Computers are a vital part of our lives. So when they start to go wrong, it can effect us in every way. Whether it's viruses, malware, pop-ups, or hardware failures, don't be a victim to waiting weeks for a solution.

Let Arith fix your issues and bring you back online. Arith has been servicing southwest Sydney for over 10 years. 

Arith provides more than just support, we can help you with repairs, upgrades, virus removals, build new systems, or offer advice on improving efficiency. Arith is the professional service solution.

Call 0403 010 026 or email to book an appointment.

IT Services & Consulting For Southwest Sydney
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